Until I can get my hands on the new MV + EE with The Bummer (ne Golden) Road this nice tidbit of a homespun release called Eye in the Pines on their own Child of Microtones label will hold me over. Matt and Erika, here without any heavy backing lay down rainy country space ballads with a dash of gospel laced talkin' blues fried hazy by the southern sun. There's blood on the road and breeze in the trees all throughout these tracks as has come to mark many of their releases. The fuzz cranks up for one long centerpiece that lifts the spirit out of the hills and into the clouds before the record lays back down in the grass on its way out. A mighty fine offering from the couple that make the word prolific seem horribly in adequate and from what I've tasted of the new Ecstatic Peace! full length, this one is going to tear Green Blues up.

[MP3] MV + EE - Get Right Church
[MP3] MV + EE - Elephant Bag
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Blogger Unknown said...

I am also in hard anticipation of their new record. Green Blues was one of the best things I've come across in years. I saw Matt and Erika (w/ no band) play @ Reed College (in the chapel, no less) a few months back and it was transcendental.

8:47 PM  
Blogger Acceptance of Terms of Service said...

Is everyone who loves RSTB in Portland? I had to miss that show, guess I missed more than I thought. Boris with Jackie-O this Friday though!

8:24 PM  

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