MV + EE with the Golden Road

Finally gracing the speakers of my stereo, this highly anticipated follow up to the band's Green Blues far surpasses expectations. Gettin' Gone twists up the Bummer Road sound, adding some very heavy moments to the mix and some very blissed out ones as well. This record feels like Valentine and Elder have really embraced the group aesthetic on record, having toured with many of the players for the past few months. J. Mascis and John Moloney both add some needed kick on the drums, and Valentine has really embraced his role as a guitarist making the Golden Road one hell of a rock band despite their humble folk origins. Fuzzed green vibes verdant shades of purple dawn from the northeast, distilled down only the way MV + EE can, and rolled out down the road to those not lucky enough to spend their days ensconced in porch jams and woodstove smoke. You gotta pick this one up, another great slab from Ecstatic Peace!

[MP3] MV + EE with the Golden Road - I Get Caves in There
[MP3] MV + EE with the Golden Road - Susquehanna (sole art trample)

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