Justin Broadrick has certainly steered his Jesu project into poppier waters in the past couple of releases. Still retaining the murky feeling of August heat, Broadrick has injected the heavy rumble of Jesu with the insistent pulse of a pop song, flinging this EP far out of the post-rock waters he's so often waded in. These songs act very much as a companion piece to the recently released split with Eluvium and mirror their lighter style and emphasis on vocals, though Lifeline doesn't hinge as much on programming as the split. While I applaud Broadrick for expanding his palette, the shift almost seems like a completely different project; in mood, scope and direction, which may draw some grumbles from any hangers on from the band's and Broadrick's more metal oriented days. History aside, these tracks are some fairly decent fuzzed out pop swirls, though I'm not entirely sure how to place the dynamic shift in with the fact that the final song is called "End of the Road." Maybe a change is in the works.

[MP3] Jesu - End of the Road

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