Digging into another batch of the harder side of the 70's, these are two bands from the European side of the pond with a flair for heavy guitar that swept in the wave of proto-metal. Enjoy!

Toad - Toad
This Swiss power trio (+ enlisted vocalist for this album) has been given much credit for ushering in the wave of metal that followed after the band's single "Stay" crept up the charts. Bluesy but with a real dual punch from the guitar and bass
of Vic Vergeat and Werner Frolich respectively; this album definitely slots itself in under the "lost classic" heading. Heavy and fierce but with surprisingly little bravado, this is the album that started the band on a short journey that ended too soon with 1974's Dreams. A great place to introduce yourself to the history of Swiss rock.

[MP3] Toad - Stay
[MP3] Toad - A Life That Ain't Worth Living

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The Storm - The Storm
A heavy bluesy album from this Spanish band, with loads of organ and some fierce vocals. It rides the line without really traipsing into "progressive" territory. Mostly this LP is just balls out fun rock that totters off the rails the way all good records
should. It slows for some softer jazz inflected tunes but these really pale in comparison to the rockers that anchor The Storm and give meaning to its namesake. This here is a one of the finest examples of Spanish hard psych the period had to offer.

[MP3] The Storm - Woman Mine
[MP3] The Storm - I've Gotta Tell You Mama

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