Caribou - Tour CD

Following suit with his previous album's priceless addendum, Dan Snaith has again made a tour only release that complements his latest work on Andorra perfectly. Tour CD 2007 again shows Snaith's mindset with a mix of songs that are as varied as the ingredients that make up Andorra and then segues nicely into a few bonus tracks that although not quite as vocal as the album still show that he doesn't scrape together throwaways for these releases. Some beautiful moments of throb and shimmer here that only add to the reasons that you should check out the Caribou experience in the live setting.

[MP3] Caribou - Yo-Yo
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is this "Tour CD 2007" you speak of!? I was at a Caribou show a couple weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, though I saw no such cd around.


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