A hypnotic debut from Alexis Georgopoulos, one of the craftsmen behind Tussle; who's now struck out on his own in an attempt to bridge the electronic and organic gap. Despite its warm throb and krauty repetition, most of In Light was recorded live, without the use of loops. The album originally accompanied an instillation Georgopoulos worked on with architect Kyu Che. The album's basis in analog synthesizers and a few other sparse instruments along with the live productions brings a rough edge to the often icy world of electronics. In Light totters between engulfing serenity and an unease that picks at the back of your mind telling you that this feeling of safety is fleeting, if not dangerous. The entire album is wrapped with a dystopian otherworldliness that is hard to pin down and even harder to ignore; a great leap forward for Gerogopoulos.

[MP3] Arp - Premonition of the Sculptor Steiner

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ah the ARP. went broke because they would actually fix the thing if you sent it back.
poor buggers

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