Two great bands that led a boom of psychedelic outbursts in the UK, only to be barely remembered in the following aftermath. Collectors have now brought these well sought after landmarks back into the light where they belong.

Tomorrow - Tomorrow
Featuring both a pre-Yes Steve Howe and The Pretty Things' Twink, this sole album from Tomorrow was a widely influential piece of psychedelia born out of the scent that birthed Pink Floyd and The Soft Machine. "My White Bicycle" was one
of the first singles to prominently employ the backwards guitar and the rest of the album is built upon the touchstones that flourished throughout the ensuing psychedelic storm that engulfed London in the late 60's. However, the band lasted only this album before breaking up and going there separate ways. Twink to The Pretty Things and then The Pink Fairies, Howe on to Yes and singer Keith West's "Excerpt From a Teenage Opera" would go on to inspire Pete Townsand to write Tommy.

[MP3] Tomorrow - Now Your Time Has Come
[MP3] Tomorrow - My White Bicycle

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July - July
Released on the strength of the single "My Clown/ Dandelion Seeds", which has come to be as sought after as the album, this eponymous album mixed an emerging sense of British psychedelia with eastern touches courtesy of Tony Duhig, later of Jade
Warrior. Duhig's guitar work mixed with songwriting courtesy of Tom Newman forged an album that has now become one of the more collectible pieces of UK psych history. The band also only lasted this one album and broke up shortly after its release with Newman going on to fame as a producer. However in my opinion this album remains the most enjoyable that either was involved in.

[MP3] July - Dandellion Seeds
[MP3] July - To Be Free

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

still incredible

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of all your posts, my favorites have been:
Kaleidoscope (UK)
The Soft Machine
The Sonics
Shocking Blue

Those four groups make me fly

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