Sunburned Hand of the Man

In a wonderfully strange turn of events SHOTM team up with Kieran Hebdan and a few fellows from Vibracathedral Orchestra and come out the chute sounding like Can mixed through a wood chipper. More beat oriented than anything Sunburned has really done in the past and more noisy than anything Hebden has accomplished on his own, Fire Escape melds both artists passion for getting the most out of sound. Hebdan adds his piano to the mix in addition to production touches, which definitely takes the Sunburned sound in a new and interesting direction. The album throbs and quivers along, wavering between noise, dub and electronic impulses with equal fervor. The album's out the first week of October on Smalltown Supersound and features some appropriate artwork from the Boredom's EYE. Grab the limited edition LP while you can.

[MP3] Sunburned Hand of the Man - The Parakeet Beat
[MP3] Sunburned Hand of the Man - What Color Is The Sky In The World You Live In?

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