Songs of Green Pheasant

Sometimes it can take much more than a cursory listen to pin down an album, sometimes the real pleasures of a release can't fully reveal themselves until the 3rd or even 10th listen. Occasionally when rifling through releases that are much easier to pin down its these gems that I lose track of, sometimes until its long too late to talk about them. Gyllyng Street is one of these hard to pin down albums that after about the 10th listen worms itself inside your head to stay. I'd been a fan of Duncan Sumpner's first offering under the SOGP moniker, but this shies well away from the bedroom psych-folk that nestled that release into my speakers. Instead Sumpner has retained the hushed delivery and delicately psychedelic touches and moved them into a much more atmospheric pop setting. Passing faintly at shades of late 80's and early 90's production styles, Sumpner creates a melancholy masterpiece that would pop nicely onto 4AD a few decades ago. Lush and uncompromisingly forlorn in the best sense of the word, Gyllyng Street is a calm psychedelic whirlpool ducking you under for the relief of tidal breath.

[MP3] Songs of Green Pheasant - Boats
[MP3] Songs of Green Pheasant - The Ballad of Century Paul

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