So this week perhaps I'll let a legend choose the bands for the feature; let it never be said that there was a DJ with more intimate knowledge of the music world or more love for the variety of sounds available than John Peel. Peel was an early proponent and fan of both of these artists but not everybody has the insight and taste that he did, and thus they were overshadowed by a host of others that filled the psychedelic scene only to be rescued again by the reissue.

Tractor - Tractor
Peel was such a fan of Tractor that he decided to release their second, self-titled album on his own Dandelion Records. The album is a finely crafted mixture of hard acid-fuzzed psych, sunny folk and a bit of blues boogie. The band was signed
on the strength of a home recorded demo that was multi-tracked into a full sound by only two musicians. Following their debut recording on Peel's label the band achieved a modest success in Europe but eventually left little other evidence of their prowess beyond this record and the demo which was issued under their previous name of The Way We Live. This is truly one of the lost classics of the early 70's and an essential listen for those interested in the crossover of acid folk.

[MP3] Tractor - Little Girl In Yellow
[MP3] Tractor - Hope In Flavour

Velvet Fogg - Velvet Fogg
Peel was an early supporter of Velvet Fogg and even contributed liner notes to this debut on Pye Records. The band mixed dark psychedelia with an ear for the emerging progressive turn in rock. The band was remarked most notably for their
album cover that depicted two naked and painted models, causing some controversy at the time. The themes and tone of the album were primarily dark, but mixed in some superb playing from Paul Eastment who replaced original guitarist Tony Iommi, who went on to much greater fame in Black Sabbath. The band did have some modest success with a cover of the Tornados' "Telstar." but eventually lack of record company backing and promotion would spell their demise.

[MP3] Velvet Fogg - Once Among The Trees
[MP3] Velvet Fogg - Within The Night

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just flawless

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i bought an album recently by a band called The Litter. The album's called "distortions". it's incredibly good, u ought to include it in one of ur tuesday jukebox specials

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