Peter and the Wolf

Despite releasing a record on The Workers Institute, Red Hunter continues his prolific run of home releases and quiet wooden lullabies. It seems that no matter how much tension hangs in a room, one spin from a Peter and the Wolf record brings ease like an autumn rain. His latest, The Ivori Palms sprang from a dream revolving around Dan Eldon and squatting. The record is less refined than Lightness and more polished than the S/T debut; whimsical in all the ways that define Hunter's work and unfettered by anything but honesty. Hunter's voice consistently drifts in like sunlight through the blinds; lost perfectly in the haze that separates Saturday night from Sunday morning. As hunter says "You're not squatting, you're staying at the Ivori Palms" Enjoy.

[MP3] Peter and the Wolf-The Ivori Palms
[MP3] Peter and the Wolf -A Hundred Days

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