True to their name, OM's repetition based song structures and mantra-like vocals attempt to bring disparate unease to a whole other plateau. This time the band have been backed up by Southern Lord, the home of all things dark and unearthly and branded their sound with the production of Steve Albini, the Lord of all things sparse. A wonderful pairing to say the least and the band only benefit from Albini's touches. Pilgrimage is still as intense as anything the band have produced thus far but also adds a tinge of barren queasiness to the mix as if their unholy calmness may devour you at anytime in a hail storm of fury. The title track sets the scene for a full ten minutes before the band kick it up for "Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead" which, though harder, still never wavers in its even temperament. The cycle completes with the Day/Night halves of "Bhima's Theme" and on down to a reprise of the title. Pulsing like a bulldozer in Doppler, Pilgrimage pushes through your brain setting ripples in motion everywhere it touches.

[MP3] OM - Unitive Knowledge of the Godhead

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Dissenous, loving this blog, which i fairly recently stumbled across...

Each new track i hear from "OM" elevates them a little higher, even if they continue to sound somewhat derivative - am i the only person who finds in them an uncanny similarity to the British group "Loop", active from the mid 80s to 1990 ? Not that that's necessarily a criticism...

Steve Albini seems like a good alliance in terms of production, and lending his name to the credits here can only do this duo some justifiable good.

Loving the archives, too, incidentally; RavenSings continues to go from strength to strength. Thanks for being there.

12:27 PM  

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