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Proving his virtuosity more with each album, Nels Cline it seems is a busy man and his discography would more than support this. Cutting another release with his ponderously named instrumental group, Nels Cline Singers the man weaves a non-linear path between space blues, jazz and noisy rock. The record never settles into a tone, but is a great listen for the worshipers of the strings. Cline is in top form here and plays a stylistic hopscotch for his own amusement. Draw Breath is at its best when Cline plays it calm though, allowing his skill to tap emotion rather than just feats of strength. The opener is a nice space blues shot into the world of Loren Connors and, as the record winds down, the calm pair "Recognize I" and "II" act as a nice counterpoint to the sweat unleashed on the harder bop and rock takes. Definitely an uneven introduction for those only familiar with his work with Wilco but there seems to be a track to enjoy for everyone.

[MP3] Nels Cline - Caved-in Heart Blues
[MP3] Nels Cline - Recognize I

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Blogger Devin said...

I haven't heard Draw Breath yet, but I've got both Instrumentals and the Giant Pin (as well as some other assorted Cline albums), and I love 'em all. Can't wait to check out the new album.

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