Lone Pigeon

It's been a long road for Gordon Anderson. Anderson was an original member of The Pigeons, later to switch their name to The Beta Band. Prior to their success, Anderson left the band and joined his brother Kenny in the duo King Creosote but he left his marks on their first EP, penning one of their most memorable songs, "Dry The Rain". Anderson's approach to songwriting is certainly shambolic in nature, he has a keen sense for pop hooks but a penchant for experimentation doesn't let them stick around long in his songs. Melodies bob and weave, catching for a moment and then disappearing into the inevitable tangent. Gordon is half Paul McCartney half Skip Spence and the duality makes for and excellent mix of psych-pop that may only, truly make sense to him. Shoozzzmmii, his second "proper" release is probably his most coherent solo record and comes on the heels of his reformation with ex-Betas Robin Jones and John Maclean in The Aliens, whose recent record has garnered much more attention than anything he's done previously. However, Shoozzzmmii paints an excellent picture of a post-Beta Anderson weaving down the foggy path to clear skies.

[MP3] Lone Pigeon -Sallyzimmerman
[MP3] Lone Pigeon -Lonely Vagabond

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