The jukebox gives itself over to a heavy dose of psych-folk, with a dash of pop and just a tad of rock. Overall though I'd have to say that the jukebox is hitting a stride of good vibrations due to the wonderfully chill fall weather.

[MP3] Buttons -Happy Mary
A breezy number with a thick chunk of a sing-a-long chorus and bongos galore. This is pop-psych in full swing, a bit of the summer of love and a lot of unavoidable optimism.

[MP3] Robin Scott -The Purple Cadger
With backing from Mighty Baby, Robin Scott is in full psych-folk/rock crossover here. A standout from his now reissued Woman From the Warm Grass, this has a ramble-shamble West Village feel to it despite its British origins. Folk-boogie for a sweet September.

[MP3] Moonkyte -Happy Minstrel
Another cool breeze of folk, this time from the sorely overlooked Moonkyte. Here the band abandon their usually somber tendencies for a more wistful renaissance throwback to the town minstrel. Psych-folk that borders on silly but stays just this side of gloriously fun.

[MP3] The Zipps-Kicks and Chicks
With a delightful Dutch accent and heavy hand on the psychedelic throttle (not to mention a known advocacy for drug use), The Zipps quickly earned a reputation in their home country. A bit of sneer and swagger permeates this ode to youthful rebellion and rightly so. A subtle punker and a damn fine tune as well.

[MP3] Howl The Good -This Moment in the Sun
A blissful bit of folk-rock whose easy charm belies some darker lyricism that has little optimism despite the sunny title. Though, truthfully this contrast actually makes the track stronger. Feeling like some lost Moody Blues outtake, this is a real gem that escaped the age.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

fantastic. It's really incredible how much great stuff there is from that era. It's a pity that can't be said for today...

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