Coming very shortly after the release of their EP Under Giant Trees, Efterklang set out to top the soaring harmonies and sweeping changes that marked that marked both this last EP and their first album Tripper. The music that now comprises Parades is delicately epic, and like its predecessor UGT builds from low rumbling electronic and organic percussion into towering vocals that rival the emotion of some of the best film scores. This album steers much further away from the squiggles that permeated their first album, trading in the modern approach for a much fuller organic sound. The album boasts over 30 guest musicians; a string quartet, a brass quintet and three different choirs all contribute to the glacial epic the band produced in the last 18 months. This album cements the bands status among the top European bands carving out a new age of classical music. Parades sees release October 15th on LEAF.

[MP3] Efterklang -Mirador
[MP3] Efterklang -Horseback Tenors

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