A bit of a departure from the path the duo started down on A Vintage Burden, this latest release sees the band returning to a more spontaneous recording style with much of the material being worked out live in the studio. Likeness is sparse, with frost forming on the edges of every song. Desolation drives the album like hunger. The vocals are swaddled in echo, much in the style of Christina' recent solo recordings and the lyrics, when they bubble up to the surface, reveal a restless soul. The words were mostly amassed from public domain American popular songs of the late 19th and early 20th century and deconstructed and reorganized by Christina to paint a modern picture. The mix of the sentimental with the bleak further encourages the disparate mood of unease, making this one of the band's most engaging releases in some time. Likeness is out Oct 29th on Kranky.

[MP3] Charalambides -Do You See
[MP3] Charalambides-Walking Through The Graveyard Removed at label's request.

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Blogger Lope de Aguirre said...

This is one of those bands I feel I should like (when reading interesting reviews like yours), but in the end I just don't.

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