Black Dice

Black Dice are incrementally approaching accessibility. Now don't take that too literally they haven't exactly crafted a disc of sing-a-alongs to take to Grandma's house just yet, but they've taken their damaged circuit tactics and threaded the psychedelic needle in a much more rhythmic direction. Still testing the limits of electronics in a pseudo noise rock setting the band's latest effort Load Blown turns out to be just that, a recognizable effort. The band have shied away from long form fuzzcaked tweakers and damaged, follicle raising squelches and instead found the noise in dub and discovered enough lysergic elements in dance that the genre never saw it coming. Armed with more pedals than you can shake your overpriced PBR at, the band evolve their deconstructionist tactics into collaged beats that, while they may not actually induce dancing will tear up the sides of your headphones for at least a little while.

[MP3] Black Dice-Gore
[MP3] Black Dice -Kokomo

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is an interesting release, as always can be expected with BD, but I'm really liking it so far.

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