The Animal Collective give a multi-angle look at the first official preview of Strawberry Jam, releasing the "Peacebone" single in 3 formats.
Animal Collective - Peacebone 10"/12"
Focusing on the vinyl releases only, the band queue up a 10 and 12 inch version of the single; giving the 10" an exclusive bonus track while the 12" gets the remix treatment. The bonus track "Safer" is a darker
outtake from the "Jam" sessions and at a sprawling 9+ minutes is quite an added bonus. Rounding out the 12" the keeper is definitely the Black Dice cough syrup deconstruction of the single into a melted concoction that will have you constantly checking your record player to see what's wrong with the speed. The B side serves up a lengthy remix by Pantha Du Prince that seems superfluous unless you really felt the need to dub out for 10 minutes with tiny slices of Animal collective floating in every once in a while.

[MP3] Animal Collective -Safer
[MP3] Animal Collective -Peacebone (Black Dice Remix)

Support the artist. Buy it HERE 10" and HERE 12"
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posted by dissensous at 11:08:00 AM


Blogger Bryan Daly said...

Thank you so much. I've been anxious to here the Black Dice remix and can't seem to remember what I had expected.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Sérgio Hydalgo said...

Sweet AC. Safer's the best tune since Banshee B.

Check my interview with the guys at

the best,

3:20 PM  
Blogger Mike Ayvazian said...

thank you so much
there's no way for me to get my hands on such releases...
and although, i'm an old fashioned 'it has to be on an original disc' kinda guy, i appreciate your generosity


amazing music btw

1:38 AM  

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