Wooden Shjips

This post definitely gets filed under the "Hell yeah its about time!" category. San Francisco's mighty Wooden Shjips have finally completed their much anticipated full length for Holy Mountain and a superb slice of thick fuzz and rumble it is. The self titled record picks up the toasted groove laid down by their previous 7 and 10 inch releases and heads further into the acid baked hills of the California coastline. Though nothing on the album quite touches the mighty fuzz wallop of "Dance, Californa," a new tamer direction fits their style well. The band dabbles more in atmospherics than speaker tweaking freakouts and a new emphasis on vocals adds another color to the band's already full arsenal. If their previous work lit up the California coast in a wash of flames and smoke, this album comes as a welcome storm to wash away the debris. Definitely a band that I hope will continue to evolve their sounds in the years to come. The album is out on 9/11, hit up your local shop for the LP version, fuzz craves vinyl.

[MP3] Wooden Shjips -We Ask You To Ride
[MP3] Wooden Shjips -Losin' Time
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm liking these guys, nice recommendation.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just discovered these guys, best band of the century

3:57 PM  

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