Voice of the Seven Woods

English fret wrangler Rick Tomlinson has been quietly building up a reputation for himself with 7"s and low release CD-r's for some time now but it's with his first full length album that he really distinguishes himself from the acoustic raga scene. Make no mistake, Tomlinson can play with the technical supremacy and agility of the best that have sprouted up today, he's given quite the effort of setting himself aside the likes of James Blackshaw, Sir Richard Bishop and Jack Rose. But whereas expectation would have him release a purely acoustic album full of all the twists and noodles he's able to pull off, Tomlinson has instead crafted an ode to psychedelic folk-rock that not only emulates the feel of a dusty lost classic, it one-ups many such classics out there. The album moves from Pentangle laced folk numbers into murky eastern psychedelic workouts and into some Jansch-ian solo British folk moments; trading between acoustic and electric skill with ease. It's quite honestly one of the best British folk albums put out in the last 10-15 years. Voice of the Seven Woods writhes with intensity and burns itself deep into your consciousness with each listen. The album is out now on Twisted Nerve and has certainly edged its way onto my top of '07 list.

[MP3] Voice of the Seven Woods -The Fire In My Head
[MP3] Voice of the Seven Woods -Silver Morning Branches
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Blogger Unknown said...

Wow, from the description, I expected something much more anachronistic than this. These are good tracks, and my day is off to a better start having found them. Thanks!

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