JOMF member Nicholas Bindeman's soft side comes through in his solo outings as Tunnels. Eschewing even the modest melodies that JOMF display, Bindeman focuses his efforts on creating seas of billowy drone with a predilection for the softer, dreamier side of the genre. The four long pieces rumble with distant thunder and that slowly alternates between calm and menace, but never ventures too far into any real heavy dread. The seas of noise wash very slowly in Bindeman's world and the slightest tonal change marks a real difference in the tracks here. The album almost seems to be split into the lighter more uplifting pieces at the beginning and the shift towards the darker and more hollow tracks at the end; a general slope from blissful happiness into nothingness. Colour Seance is available from Yarnlazer records.

[MP3] Tunnels -Flower of Life
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