Sir Richard Bishop

Coming very close on the heels of While My Guitar Violently Bleeds, everybody's favorite Sun City Girl has another masterpiece of guitar musings on the way. This time Bishop travels the entire map of improvisational guitar, treading ground in sun baked Eastern tones, his usual tendency towards furious speed and technique and some blues and jazz touches that seem rather new to the palette. He even expands the instrumentation on this one, featuring a lonesome lengthy piano piece and percussion on a few tracks. This is very much a Sir Richard Bishop record in the vein and spirit of Sun City Girls, Bishop melds styles together into a broad emotional picture and quite accurately captures the them of the title, Polytheistic Fragments. This is a record that blurs culture, linking each continent through their interaction with the guitar. As always, no matter which style he's chosen each song is imbued with and overwhelming sense of presence and passion. Each step Bishop takes is closer to either the pinnacle or the edge, I'm not entirely sure which but the results are nothing short of fantastic just the same.

[MP3] Sir Richard Bishop -Elysium Number Five
[MP3] Sir Richard Bishop -Rub' Al Khali
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