Oakley Hall

Another slice of fuzzed up country rock from Oakley Hall and probably one of their most accomplished albums yet. The band label skip again and land on Merge this time with the album I'll Follow You. The album feels more cohesive in spirit than Gypsum Strings and contains some of the band's most song oriented work to date, songs that are both gritty and pleasant at the same time. It'll be nice to see how the band work out the new arrangements live as even though none of the songs meander too much on record, its a certain bet that the band will flesh them out in the live setting where the band really shine. This record just as with the last few is imbued with a sense of the road; restlessness and wanderlust foam at the edges of their country spirit. This may be the very reason they are so touted for their live performances, when you can't lay down you have no choice but to make each town your own. The band is embarking on another long tour so they'll most likely make your town their own soon.

[MP3] Oakley Hall -No Dreams
[MP3] Oakley Hall -All The Way Down
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