Little Wings

Kyle Field returns for his 7th album with a few friends and a fuller sound. Soft Pow'r is Field's first album with a full band that includes Jona Bechtolt of YACHT and Adam Forkner from White Rainbow, introducing drums, piano and bass into a repertoire that previously consisted of Kyle on a beach with a guitar hashing out lazy late night melodies. The album is decidedly mellow in tone, with a usual air of delicate sadness that permeates all of Field's prior material. Seeing release via RAD, a new subsidiary of Portland's Marriage Records, it's a welcome return to the fold for Field who has just relocated from California to Portland. The album shows an aging attitude for the west coast songwriter, an easy transition from nontraditional songwriter into a new breed of lackadaisical troubadour.

[MP3] Little Wings -Gone Again
[MP3] Little Wings -Free Bird
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

its weird that people keep saying that this is different in its fuller sound, cause all of the previous little wings records i can think of from the wonder triolgy all the way up to magic wand have full band backing on many of tunes if not the majority of them. and jona and i have played on many a previous wings record. i think it stems from the lack of info given to the promoters of this release, them having not much to go on with a band they dont personally know much about, googling info for their own official promo material and then sending it out to folks....

also, kyle didnt relocate to portland recently. he hasnt lived here since like 02. he lives in southern california.
so weird that these things got into the promotional material.

anyway, thanks for letting me clear this up

adam forkner
regional assistant manager
rad records
as sponsored by marriage records

12:48 PM  
Blogger dissensous said...


I do apologize for any misrepresentations. We here at RSTB only serve to support the artists that we enjoy, and I had been a fan of Kyle's work in the past, especially "Light Green Leaves." However in our defense you may consider updating informational pages on RAD's site. I had a bit of trouble discerning any of the above mentioned information from the site, which seems to consist of a series of pictures: http://www.marriagerecs.com/rad/rad.html or from Kyle's which, well also seems to consist of a series of pictures: http://www.kyledraws.com/index2.html. Again many apologies and please continue to make great records.


10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah mang, the big boss man uncle kyle didnt want to have to write a cheese-ball sales pitch of a bio but at the same time marriage hired forcefieldPR and terrorbird to promote the record to press and radio so they didn't have much to go on, must have just googled stuff and tried to write something based on that. so it is not anyone's fault for repeating things the pr dudes wrote as being true. marriage/rad are working hard with the hired pr guns to get the story straight now. this new record is fucking killer. more mellow and quiet and sad and mature and dreamy. actually the sound is more spare than past things like magic wand, or wonderue. also more focused. thanks for giving it space on your blog

the rad website is still under cunstruction, something that is a bit of a frustration to us right now. stay tuned!

northwest regional assistant manager
rad records, patches, skateboards and other stuff
a part of the marriage records family of publications, records, skateboards and other stuff

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