Life On Earth!

Dungen guitarist Mattias Gustavsson's solo project, also released on Swedish haven of the pychedelic Subliminal Sounds, is as captivating as anything he has done in the past. With help from members of The Works, Town & Country and Mia Doi Todd, Gustavsson has crafted an album that sounds out of place and time, floating halfway between the psych-folk-rock ruminations of 1971 and the resurgence that has spread in the past few years. While the album doesn't contain the bombast of his work with Dungen, it is marked with his first rate fretwork on a number of tracks, and an addmittedly softer side that shows through on the album's many temperate acoustic nubmers. The album is swaddled in incense and bliss; the culmination of Gustavsson's exhuberant release. If Dungen's music taps the fire and intensity of the psychedelic movement, Life On Earth! taps the communal spirituality that dissipated far too quickly into hardened cynicism. This one seems to have slipped out under the nose of far too many and a damn shame that is indeed.

[MP3] Life On Earth! -Sell Your Soul To Me
[MP3] Life On Earth! -Right In Between
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it earth?

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All though Matthias plays virtually all instruments on his own record, he does not play guitarr in Dungen...he plays the base.

Love from Sweden
Daniel L

9:37 AM  

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