In the explosion of psychedelia that fell on England in the late 60's, more than a few deserving bands were thrown by the wayside. Both of these bands were given early breaks by major labels, but just as suddenly as their view to success came, away it went, and far too soon.

Rainbow Ffolly - Sallies Fforth
Rainbow Ffolly recorded some demo tracks in late 1967 with producers Malcolm and John Jackson that found its way to EMI, who in turn decided to release the band's songs as a full album. Though the band protested that the songs weren't quite intended
to be an album they went through with the signing anyway. The results are actually quite cohesive and touch on many themes and influences from the British psychedelic scene with skill and humor. It falls in nicely with Magical Mystery Tour and S.F. Sorrow era Pretty Things. However even with the record label's support and a slew of dates the album didn't sell well enough to really keep the band afloat and as happens they were lost to time until being rescued by reissue.

[MP3] Rainbow Ffolly- No
[MP3] Rainbow Ffolly - Drive My Car

Skip Bifferty - Skip Bifferty
After garnering a healthy live following and support from John Peel, Skip Bifferty released their first and one of the best singles of their career, "On Love". The band then refined their sound, adding a dash of pop-psych flourish and
grabbing the attention of RCA Records UK division. The band tinkered with many facets of experimental sound that followed the psychedelic era, and eventually hooked up with Steve Marriot to produce their final single but a dispute with their manager eventually led to their demise. The members of the band went on to work long into the 70's in many other projects but never really captured a sound as immediate and cohesive as they did here.

[MP3] Skip Bifferty - On Love
[MP3] Skip Bifferty- Guru

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