I'm not up on my Chinese Zodiac but this seems to have been the year of the Panda Bear. Noah Lennox has captured the world's attention with his solo debut and Animal Collective's latest opus has his prints all over it.

Panda Bear - Take Pills 7"
The last in a series of 7 and 12" singles that accompany the debut of Panda Bear, this 7" claims the only non-album b-side of the bunch. Sounding more like a track that was cut for time rather than quality, "Bonfire of the Vanities" flickers like
a film reel against a dying bulb. The song weaves in and out of consciousness and aptly rounds out the series of great releases that have graced us this year. Again featuring the artwork of designer Agnes Montgomery; this is the final piece of the Person Pitch puzzle and the whole set makes a nice collection. Seek out the accompanying vinyls before they're gone forever.

[MP3] Panda Bear -Bonfire of the Vanities
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