Eric Copeland

Eric Copeland's been a busy man lately; working with Avey Tare in Terrestrial Tones and prepping a new Black Dice record with the rest of the band, so it almost seems unlikely that he'd have much time for a solo project. But, as prolific luck would have it Copeland has produced a record that straddles the blurred lines that separate all his previous work. Echoing the more rhythmic and electronic direction of the new Black Dice material and waddling in the spacey atmospheres that marked his work in the Tones, Hermaphrodite has come together as a happily jarring mix of personalities. Veering into heated tribal rhythms, squirrelly electronics and vocal chants reminiscent of his compatriots in Animal Collective the record has more than its share of enjoyable moments plunging the listener deep into Copeland's world of bent wires and cough syrup cut-ups. Ending up some how both dark and entirely whimsical, the record is sadistically experimental twisting sounds until they scream and beg you to look the other way, but Copeland's ceaseless ability to find catchiness in these dismantled melodies keeps your ears perked until the last track.

[MP3] Eric Copeland -Green Burrito
[MP3] Eric Copeland -Dinca
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just so you know, black balloon is back up and running. thanks for keeping the link all this time!

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