Dark Yoga

Dark Yoga is a loose musical collective that produces a heady esoteric mixture of free jazz via wah wah funk and free folk channeled through drone-heavy woodland chimes. When the collective hits their stride the results can be overwhelmingly tight in the loosest of terms. Even under the haziest fog of fuzzed out yelps and electronic squelps, a languid guitar weaves its way in and out of the din like a divining rod for the soul, a guide through Dark Yoga's trip. Some of the jams on LIVE BROADCAST: HEAVY TRUTH spread out like endless landscapes, flooding out over 20 minutes in some cases but the fluid guitar work keeps the band's basis grounded as the rest of the members reign in a steady stream of space blues and ritual chants. This marks another great disc out on Portland's Yarnlazer. The whole shot is recorded live so bets are on that if you get a chance to check them out in person you're in for a treat.

[MP3] Dark Yoga -Untitled 1
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