As the influence of Haight-Ashbury spread across the country, the sounds of sunny folk-rock began to permeate many band's catalogues. While the sound wouldn't last forever some that got left by the wayside crafted some prime examples of the time.

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - A Child's Guide To Good And Evil
The third album from this L.A. collective contains some truly gorgeous moments of harmony. Mixing folk, psych and bits of country into a blissful concoction
that eases the mind and blows like a pacific wind the album is received with mixed feelings by collectors who often compare it to their early work. This one seems to be one of the band's more cohesive album's however, and even introduces some of the band's more serious themes touching on war, poverty and morality. Eventually the band would make two more albums but this seems to be the last of their prime years.

[MP3] West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - In The Country
[MP3] West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - Eighteen Is Over The Hill

31st of February - 31st of February
The band's hazy harmonies and gentle psych-folk caught the attention of Vanguard Records and the band put out an album in 1969 that, while accomplished lacked a certain originality that would
distinguish them enough to bring them to fame. The band met up with Duane and Greg Allman shortly after the release of their album and recorded some tracks with them which pretty much signaled the end for the band, as drummer Butch Trucks was lured away by the Allmans into the formation of the Allman Brothers and much greater success. This album stands as a nice example of the day and a curio for Allman fans.

[MP3] 31st of February - A Nickel's Worth Of Benny's Help
[MP3] 31st of February- The Greener Isle

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