After a string of great releases and a tour of reputable labels (Time-Lag, Root Strata, Digitalis) drone-psych mainstays Zelienople turn up on Type records with another haunting spectrescape lunge into psychosis. His/Hers is a ghostly tour of bummer psych with soft edges of space blues that weave in and out of focus. Equal parts Loren Connors and Charlambides, the record proves that the band is well worth the attention that they've received (in some circles). Soft passages break free into restrained feedback, full with static and brimstone. Matt Christensen's vocals float over din and restraint with an affected indifference; sadness permeating the tone no matter what bubbles underneath. It does seem that some bit of turmoil has entered the bands repertoire, His/Hers spends more time in squalor and uproar than previous albums have dared to tread and much to the band's credit. A great step forward into the fire and out of the darkness.

[MP3] Zelienople -Forced March
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