The West Coast sound became a powerful influence over the American psychedelic scene, producing both a wealth of bands on the cost itself and a host of imitators and hopefuls across the country.

Ivory - Ivory
Ivory's sound owes a huge debt to the Jefferson Airplane, and in fact may be the best of the band's imitators. Rooted in a very female vocal heavy fuzzed sound, the band also incorporated a looseness that gave them a real sense of humanity. But
the band's lyrics dealt with anything but, they were a band of the time and concentrated on mind expansion and the cosmic realms. The band made this sole album before vanishing back into the well they sprang from, which as was a case with many of the better second tier bands, a horrible shame.

[MP3] Ivory - A Thought
[MP3] Ivory - I, Of The Garden

Afterglow - Afterglow
The Oregon based Afterglow's eponymous album plays like a who's who of West Coast influences; they touch on Jefferson Airplane, The Doors and The Byrds with equal aplomb. This inability to find a consistent voice actually ends up as
one of the album's strong suits, sounding a bit like a 60's compilation in the highest regard. Laced in farfisa and bits and bobs of fuzz and strum, the band may have only been able to pull off this single shot, but its hodge-podge qualities and vibrant cover art have made it a favorite amongst collectors. Definitely worth a listen or two.

[MP3] Afterglow - Mend This Heart of Mine
[MP3] Afterglow - Love

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

good, very good. I never really took much to Jefferson Airplane's style as much as with some of their contemporaries, but still quite good. Keep up these posts, they're awesome

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great post. 1st time visitor/reader here.

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Hi, I found your blog while doing an image search for the Ivory album.

if this is not permitted, please delete this comment, but I have a promotional original copy of the Ivory album for sale.


Keep up the good work.

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