Two bands whose roots lie south of the U.S. border that both fused bits of rhythm and melody from their native lands with the burgeoning sounds of hard rock coming from the U.S. and U.K. scenes.

Luv Machine - Turns You On!
The members of Luv Machine came together on the Island of Barbados but shortly after their formation relocated to London. The band produced a funky, fuzzy brand of rock with a heavy rhythmic touch. The band's sound owes a great deal
to their fellow bands in the English scene of the same period; touches of Cream, echoes of Hendrix. In fact The Sweet thought so much of them that they picked them to open on an Italian tour. Unfortunately as things often go, the label's support quickly faded and the band eventually dissipated. Their sole album has been reissued along with some choice bonus material, definitely worth checking out.

[MP3] Luv Machine - Witches Wand
[MP3] Luv Machine - Everything

Traffic Sound - Yellow Sea Years '68-71
The Peruvian band Traffic Sound fused tinges of the British hard rock sound with a very Latin-soul inflected psych edge. Utilizing flute and sax, they touch on some jazz leanings that expand the scope
beyond the average rock album of the day. This compilation culls together the bands work between 1968 and 1971, pretty much the most prolific point for the band. The album swings from hard edges to breezy folkish numbers effortlessly showing the many sides and strengths of the group; a great snapshot of a sorely overlooked band in its prime.

[MP3] Traffic Sound - You Got To Be Sure!
[MP3] Traffic Sound - White Deal / Poco / Big Deal

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excellent. i'd been thinking about trying to find some more Latin psychedelia after you did that post on the Mexican Kaleidoscope. Great stuff here as usual, keep it up

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