Thurston Moore

Pairing up with Steve Shelley and violinist Samara Lubelski (Hall of Fame, Tower Recordings) Thurston Moore crafts a heartfelt, heavily acoustic album that mixes nicely his sense of pop and his taste for outsider recordings. Trees Outside the Academy shows some of the eternal youth's age but in a completely natural fashion, with some tracks letting melancholy and a touch of weariness seep in at the edges. Still many songs seem to bristle with the trappings of an ever turbulent spirit possessed with an ability to fuse the intensity of sound with the accessibility of pop. Samara's violin work is a constant on the album and much as she is an accomplished solo artist in her own right, her work here adds an earnest quality to many of the songs, painting Moore's words in clouds of maturity that dissipate the walls tension he's built over so many years. As he becomes increasingly the underground's leading champion and a jack of all trades; writer, label owner, etc., Moore proves that at heart he's always a musician first.

[MP3] Thurston Moore -Wonderful Witches
[MP3] Thurston Moore -Never Light
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