Telepathe have created quite a reputation for a band without a proper album. The band, along with Psychic Ills, Indian Jewelry, and Gang Gang dance have bred a new form of hazy rhythmic psych that's quickly carving out a genre all its own.

Telepathe - Sinister Militia 12"
Following up their Farwell Forest EP with a new 12", the band drop one of their most engaging tracks yet. The jerky, stutter-dub of the title track would be enough to keep them in good standing, but as a bonus the 12" features a remix of the title track
by !!! and remixes of two new tracks, 'Islands' and 'Crimes and Killings' by Soft Pink Truth and Alexxxchange respectively. The latter swerving a bit dancy for me but the first three tracks are top notch. I'm still interested to see how the duo hold up on a full length but for now these tasty tidbits are enough to hold me over.

[MP3] Telepathe -Sinister Militia [TMJ!!! Mix]
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