The second solo outing from Bright frontman Mark Dwinell sees him locking back into a krautrock inspired series of loops and minimalist folk. Between the Hemispheres plays on a theme of repetition that Dwinell has explored in Bright but here he focuses more closely on emergence of glassy ragas that tumble over the top of the chugging beat structures. Dwinell's minimalist approach works best in the instrumental tracks as the vocals often soften the focus of the music's impact. The instrumentals buzz with wonder and at times some darkness. But when Dwinell finds the delicate balance between his words and his playing they can be quite complimentary, each ebbing and flowing into each other with gentle ease.

[MP3] Nonloc -My Song Before The Gates
[MP3] Nonloc -Lost In The Desert, Near Death
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awesome, thanks.

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If you get a chance, check this out:


[Live Spiders is Joe LaBrecque of the band Bright. I'll be posting very rough recordings for consideration by strangers. Maybe some will see release someday, maybe not. Please check out Bright's page (www.myspace.com/brightsounds) and the pages for Nonloc (www.myspace.com/nonloc and www.nonloc.com), the fantastic solo project of Bright's Mark Dwinell. Also visit my brother Paul LaBrecque's fine, fine outfits, Sunburned Hand of the Man and Astral Blessing. ]

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