The late 60's and early 70's saw a flourish in British Folk, so much in fact that many deservedly talented acts fell by the wayside seemingly to disappear into the fog they emerged from. Many emulated more popular musicians, seeing their style as a road to fame, but the best were able to work from the palette of others without merely copying. These two acts both implemented a heavy love for Jansch but without owing their entire sound to him, ultimately moving on from his decidedly pastoral forms and onto something new.

Synanthesia- Synanthesia
The sole record from this late 60's group was hurriedly recorded in two days, but the skill and charm of the record would never give it away. Owing to Jansch's plucked country sytle, the band then expounded on this sound with flourishes of jazz
inflected flute and saxophone. The vocals had a Bowie-esque sense of timbre and whimsy though no where near his quality of lyrics. The band sunk mostly without impact but has since been rescued by the good people at Sunbeam. The jazz-folk fusion speaks much to their credit in the face of what would become too many noodly progressive fusions of jazz and rock in the years following their inception. Its a wonder more didn't try for the sound but also quite refreshing to hear someone pull it off so effortlessly.

[MP3] Synanthesia - Morpheus
[MP3] Synanthesia - Rolling and Tumbling

Rick Hayward - Rick Hayward
Following his run in The Accent and some studio time with a post Zombies Rod Argent, Hayward settled in as a session player for the Blue Horizon label ultimately cutting a solo record for them. The album certainly plays on the light
fretwork that Jansch became so popular for but delves more into the pscych-folk and blues realms on some tracks than Bert ever would. Rick began a follow up album that was never properly released at the time but a reissue of the debut has packed the tracks in as a bonus. The second album shows less focus than the first which probably explains why it wasn't released but nonetheless Hayward was a talent that was certainly overlooked in his time.

[MP3] Rick Hayward- Weasel
[MP3] Rick Hayward- Mongrel

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