Time Lag culls together the three self-released CD-r's that James Toth put out under the name Hassara into one album, Backyard I-III. A divergence from either the Vanishing Voice or Wooden Wand monikers, the Backyard sessions are closest to Toth's work with The Zodiacs. All three volumes work from a blues basis, but fuzzed and blown out beyond any normal ragged 12 bar blues. All instrumental, the songs focus on repetition and groove reminiscent of Tetuzuki Akiyama in some places. A few of the tracks pull back the intensity a bit but for the most part this is a speaker melting high volume mix of burners that leave no room for contemplation, just of the moment playing and gut feeling. However, when the tracks do slow down they play with a charm and liquid rhythm that enchants more than it destroys. A definitive document of the Hassara namesake, and a well appreciated effort on the part of Three Lobed.

[MP3] Hassara -Zodiac Blues (w/ intro)
[MP3] Hassara -Isis To Ra
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