Expo '70

Animisim is Expo '70s first official CD release, following a string of heavy drone/krautrock inspired cd-r releases on Kill Shaman. Turning out to be one of the heavier releases in his catalog, Justin Wright lays down a ton of deep drone and spacey effects. Working slowly up from distant thunder to ethereal waves of billowy effects, the album is a solid frontrunner for drone album of the year. Wright seems to languish in the beautifully myopic effects of the drone, hitting you hard with the weight of the guitar but diffusing the landscape it exists in. Once the clouds roll in Wright faces the gale with a calm and even hand on the strings and a foot on the effects wrangling slow and easy space blues over the full force dronescape that looms overhead. Wright has garnered much attention from his cd-r releases and Anamism stands to cement that reputation even further.

[MP3] Expo '70 -Eagle Talons
[MP3] Expo '70 -Outside In
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