A distinctly garage mix from the Jukebox this week; gritty classics permeate this list but I won't leave those who like a good melody in there hanging. Some bits of pysch and a tinge of blues inflection round out the mix nicely.

[MP3] Five Day A Week Straw People -Gold Digger
A one off studio concoction from John Du Cann of The Attack produces some modest results on the whole but did leave us with this gem of a thumping garage classic. The bass pounds and Du Cann's voice rolls smoothly over the mix crafting an easy swagger that pulses throughout the track; a great ode to the bad girl.

[MP3] Crystal Garden -Peach Fuzz Forest
A Canadian band with a heavy style and a steady beat. This is a vamped up garage rocker that barely stops to catch a breath until it hits a noodly jazz bridge, then jumps back in the fire. The song is less about melody as is about intensity; each guitar line thrashed against the strings and the vocals tear forth in shouted cadences. High octane to say the least.

[MP3] Fresh Air -For What It's Worth
Fresh Air take on the Buffalo Springfield classic with an R&B garage attitude. The pace is sped up and the easy rocker becomes a rollicking anthem complete with urgent blues guitar, organ and rapidfire drumming that really kicks the song into gear.

[MP3] Nite People -Love, Love, Love, Love, Love
An organ led pumper with a huge beat pulsing it along; this track by the Nite People utilizes a repetitive structure that mirrors its title well. A find for beat collectors these days I'm sure, the track is also propelled by fits of searing guitar in the solo sections. A nice bit of the past indeed.

[MP3] The Trolls -Walking Shoes
A weary harmonica laced bit of garage blues. Singer Jim McPhersen sneers with a taste of the Stones, leading this excellent track with apt appeal and a voice that should have gone much further than it did. Once again sometimes talent only takes you so far and great moments are lost to time. This is worth several spins.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

as usual, flawless. There are tons of blogs out there propogating the obscure, left-of-center music of today, but you're the only one who does that for the awesomeness that is old garage rock. Keep it up!

11:51 AM  
Blogger Pete Birch said...

usual high standard.
actually just found that Peach Fuzz Forest track myself. Somebody had posted about 400 garage tracks on newsgroups, and that was in there. (alt.binaries.mp3.1960s i think, mostly from around '66 - well worth checking out if you havent already)

7:06 AM  
Blogger ThaMuteOne said...

Would note the Crystal garden was from Northern California San Leandro in the East Bay area of San Francisco . .

1:48 PM  

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