Burning Star Core

All of a sudden C. Spencer Yeh seems to have had a flurry of productivity; bursting out releases on Ultra Eczema and Yik Yak and hitting up some colaborations with Comets on Fire and Hototogisu. Yeh has a knack for the noise, but mixes in all sorts of extra ephemera on each subsequent release. His latest, Blood Lightning 2007 is capped at each end by two complimentary drones that splinter into mind melting debris; then in the middle of the album Yeh goes demonic, with "A Curse on the Coast," which sounds in bad need of an exorcism. Yeh is definitely carving a niche for himself in the drone/noise corner and this LP adds nicely to the mix. He never allows himself to be pinned down too hard, wielding drone and dissonance like two halves of the same sword. It seems as if his prolific period is just hitting its stride so I expect we'll see quite a bit more from him in the furture.

[MP3] Burning Star Core -A Curse on the Coast
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