Black Dice have consistently been at the forefront of the new wave of noise, utilizing elements of fuzz, rumble and cacophony and molding them into rhythmic structures that seem barely possible. The band stays consistent on their latest 12" leaving a huge hope for the next album.

Black Dice - Roll Up/Drool 12"
A companion piece to the Manoman 12", this EP shows an upbeat side to the band. The tracks are light and dare I say almost whimsical but still very much pushing the boundaries of the utilization of sound. The tracks were recorded at Brooklyn's Rare Book
Room and reportedly the band have focused on a songwriting style geared towards reproducing the tracks in a live setting. I'm definitely liking the positive upswing on these and hoping that this trend continues to permeate but not necessarily overtake future releases

[MP3] Black Dice -Roll Up
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