Vietnam celebrate their new album with a limited series of 12"s on The Social Registry. The first of which is out now.

Vietnam - TSREP Number One
Vietnam's follow-up to their debut saw them touching lusher territories; no doubt the production help from Dave Scher has helped refine their 70's blues sound and progress into sweeter territory. The record is their best yet, and as an added bonus the band,"
with" some help from The Social Registry have released three limited 12"s. The first in the series of is bookended" by the album track "Priest, Poet & Pig" and a response to the track "Dante, Dorthy & The Devil" with a few other extras thrown in for good measure; including a Spanish serenade with their neighbor Johnny Torres Su. The 12"s are limited to 1000 each and probably won't be sticking around long.

[MP3] Vietnam -The Dark End of the Street
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