For some reason it seems that people are just discovering the rich and varied underground of New Zealand, but the Kiwi underground has been brimming for years. Stefan Neville has been operating under the Pumice Moniker for a while now, releasing everything from lathe cut 7"s, to cassettes and CDs, and he has perfected his hometaped trash psych classics. The Soft Abuse released Pebbles sees him falling into a cleaner recording sound but still retaining the feeling of an undeniably ramshackle Pumice classic. Neville's songs have a basis of pop that is glazed with nuggets of noise, torn apart in a fit of boredom and rage, then taped back together with shreds of DIY ingenuity. Neville plays like a man possessed - possessed by desperation, urgency and maybe a little loneliness. The songs on Pebbles are bedroom rants, kicking the tape machine and smashing the guitar out of sheer untouchable frustration, rather than rock showmanship. Each Pumice record feels closer to finally falling off of the hinges in the best sense imaginable. Its definitely his best yet, keep an eye out for it July 10th.

[MP3] Pumice -Eyebath
[MP3] Pumice -Stopover
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for this, the underground scene is wat i've been discovering lately and its great!

love the cd cover too - its a cracker.

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