The One Ensemble

Volcano The Bear's Daniel Padden expands his one man project to include some friends, fleshing out a full gypsy caravan of sound. VTB have always toyed with the edges of folk and dissonance but here Padden has created a more pastoral sound, filled with the folk charm of fiddle and a gentle pluck of strings. Those entranced by Zach Condon's recent musings in Balkan folk may find a bit more to grab on to here; less youthful and inexperienced, the players blend wild European folk trysts with some genuinely beautiful chamber ensemble moments and smash them both into layers of improvised fury. Some songs move with whimsy and majesty, others mix in a heavy tremor of dissonance to speed you on your way; feet heavy on the road and quick into the night. Padden plays as if he's felt at home with the sound of this music, imbuing vast emotional depth into the context of sometimes disparaging worlds of sound. Wayward the Fourth is out now on Secret Eye Records.

[MP3] The One Ensemble -Smok
[MP3] The One Ensemble -Neither One Thing
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, these songs are really fantastic, and you were right on... they do have a very beirut style to them.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness gracious me this is a good'un. Thanks for it.

4:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is pretty good...GREAT job...

6:33 AM  

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