Mythical Beast

I picked up The Mythical Beast/ Pocahaunted 12" having been familiar with Pocahaunted's work and ended up being much delighted with what I heard from Mythical Beast; creating dark, atmospheric soul channeling psycho-drones, the band pulses with restless energy. The dark throbbing drones give way to restrained feedback and touches of spacey keys, but the real focus as with their compatriots Pocahaunted, is the wailing, urgent female vocals that seem to tear at your soul's bearings. For the lucky few who ordered the 12" right away, an extra cassette was included featuring another split from the two bands. The splits are equal in quality and bring a chill to your breath; desperation seeming to have no bounds in the world of Mythical Beast. Both tracks represented here delve deeper and deeper into a permanent psychosis with each repeated listen; the seams fraying thinner the deeper they go. Check out NNF to see if they still have the LP+Cass combo, but even if its too late the 12" comes beautifully packaged in hand drawn artwork and an eagle feather inserted into the sleeve. Limited to 380 on purple vinyl.

[MP3] Mythical Beast -In Memory of Yellow Skin
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