Midnite Snake

The Pittsburgh psych-metal foursome return with a new album that is filled with flame and scuzz but at the same time never flies off the rails. They play in the same guitar torturing vein as anything Kawabata Mokoto laid his fingers on and like him they seem to know how to ride the edge of the maelstrom just right and then peel it back with atmospherics and some darkly laced effects. This album has some outright crop burners, but still manages to hit the spooky psych on the second track and somehow float out to pastoral on 'In The Grass,' then drives the point home with a 26 minute closer that travels the whole path in one song. They seem to have more sense of control than many in the realm of psycho-scuzz histrionics, but when it does come time to let loose with some high powered string wrangling the boys do not disappoint; they crush your skull underfoot and drive on to the next town. Shaving the Angel is out now on the ever quality Birdman Records.

[MP3] Midnite Snake -Bigfoot '69
[MP3] Midnite Snake -Cruise Control
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