La Otracina

Holy Crap, its about time someone picked up the space/krautrock torch and just ran with it. I mean really ran with it. La Otracina have taken the spacey textures of Hawkwind via Guru Guru and thrown them straight into the mouth of the best of the heavy Japanese psych sound circa the early PSF label. A swirling heady trip that has the muscle to not fall off into the land of nod. This has to be some of the most fully formed psych I've heard in quite a while. The Brooklyn trio's latest album Tonal Eclipse of the One lands where else but Holy Mountain, the bastion savior of psych in the new millennium. The album bubbles and pulses with tension and the ideals of free experimentation while never sounding unfocused and noodly; as if someone finally got back to the point of free rock. The album's out now and you can check them out featured in Dusted's listed column here.

[MP3] La Otracina -Sailor of the Salvian Seas
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