Jakob Olausson

For all the times it looks like Sub Pop might turn into a faceless mini-major, they turn around and do something unexpected; like issuing a retrospective of Dead Moon or renewing their distribution deal with DeStijl. In this case the re-upped deal with Minneapolis' vinyl label DeStijl has allowed Jakob Olausson's late 2006 LP release Moonlight Farm to be issued in widely distributed CD form. Olausson, the Swedish beet farmer turned Ben Chasney style loner folk picker has crafted a buzzing, dissonant album that is clouded in just enough haze to make it seem like he should be hunkered down in a squat in California rather than his native Sweden. Olausson's voice tumbles across the ether and washes out with the ghosts of summer; a spectre lost to the winds. The album is available now so go, pick it up already.

[MP3] Jakob Olausson -Live To Tell
[MP3] Jakob Olausson -Napalm Sky
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